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The return of Tidy Management!

After more than a decade and a half after closing its doors, Tidy Management is back! 

In its heyday, Tidy Management was responsible for nurturing and growing the talents of DJs and artists such as Paul Glazby, Paul Maddox, Guyver, Colin Barrat, Lee Pasch and Ingo. This time round former Tidy Management artist and Label Manager Lee Haslam is at the helm managing the careers of the next generation of DJs and producers. 

Jon Hemming, Adam Dixon, Bryn Whiting, NG Rezonance, Zander Club and Jodie will join the Tidy Boys, Lee Haslam, BK, Sam Townend, Rob Tissera, Andy Farley and Nicholson on that prestigious roster.  

Tidy General Manager Lee Haslam tells us why it is back and why it is important to the future of the scene…

Lee, why did you decide to bring Tidy Management back? 

With the resurgence that we were seeing with the labels and on platforms like TidyPro, it was the obvious thing to do. If we want the scene to be around in 25 years and to flourish then we have to invest in the talent at grass roots level and with the bigger names that have been doing it for years. We have to give them the platform, support and structure to help them build their careers. Making the right decisions, creating the right collaborations with other producers and songwriters, to work with the right promoters and labels and to make the scene as professional as other dance music genres.

Back in the day it broke the careers of several new artists which are still around to this making music and DJing. Is that the same plan? 

100% it is, we are launching with 15 acts at varying levels of their career but the plan is to build on that over time. 

As a management company what will you be doing for the artists? 

Primarily the facilitation of booking for the artists and getting them onto the right shows. Further to that its supporting the acts with their music and helping them earn more money from their music and to build their international profiles. One of the things I really want to build is the collaboration of producers and singer songwriters and create more credible and original music.. we need to build credibility back into the scene that’s for sure. Working in the house world for the past 7 years I have learned a lot and the collaborative side of music making is something I want to really push with our guys. Everything starts and finishes with the music so getting the guys into the studio as much as possible.

There are many good DJs and producer out there. You have been involved in artists management for a good number of years now. What advice would you give to someone looking for artist management? 

My advise would be don’t look, they will come to you when the time is right.. Too many DJ’s think they need to get an agent and a manager from the off when that’s not the case. you need to be the artist first and create your own sound and vibe. if a credible manager sees something in you then they will come knocking. The manager has too see and share the artists vision so you want a manager that is invested in you rather than you going to man agers cap in hand.. its a passion thing.. the manager has to believe in the act to sell them and to get them where they want to be. its very much a joint workload.. The artist needs to focus on the music and let the manager do the rest. 

It’s not all about artist riders but what’s the most bizarre artist rider you have come across?  

I’ve seen everything from specific bottles of very expensive booze that half the time never gets drunk to things like cheese boards and specific coloured sweets.. ridiculous really. 

To check ut the new site and yo see who you can book visit https://www.tidy.management/


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