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Tidy Treasures – Hayz

This week we see Untidy newcomer Hayz step up to tthe rostrum to deliver his Tidy Treasure which is a global classic!

After being a Clubber going to nights in Bristol like Scream and Slinky, nothing, and I mean NOTHING prepared me for my first Tidy Weekender, which was the first ever one I might add!! I became completely obsessed with Hard House, if i wasn’t thinking about it I was speaking about it, if I wasn’t speaking about it I was tapping Hard House beats on tables, chairs, you name it, (much to my workmates annoyance haha!).

I tried to get every CD going that was in anyway shape or form Hard House/Dance and the Harder it was, the better, and you couldn’t go no Harder in those days than the Insomnia Blue Paul Glazby Mix CD, I have bought and lost it countless times anywhere that had CD players; home, work, at afterparties… but I have always had a copy to hand ever since its first release. The mixing and the popping and the phasing of the kicks in pretty much every mix is like an eargasm!!!!

The best mix for me though is when he mixes from Turbulence’s ‘Kick In The Middle’  into BK’s Remix of Artemesia’s ‘Bits & Pieces’, the popping of the mix and the kicks phasing in and out makes me feel giddy. Even writing about it after all these years still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I always wished I could mix like that. I used to try it in my bedroom with these two tracks and looking back now, I don’t even know why I bothered haha!!!

I even use to stop people talking mid sentence, or wherever I was at the time the mix came on and made sure they’d listen to the popping of this mix and get all gooey inside!!

Obviously this particular mix led me to fall in love with this particular track… It’s an absolute banger , or as Zander Club likes to call them ‘Heaters’. It has BK’s signature Hard Beat sound, loads of juicy hoovers and everything in the track hits the sweet spot, all this mixed in with the world famous main lead, and you got a winner…

There was a couple that came close, like Ingo’s ‘Ready 4 Dis’ and Stimulant DJs ‘Hoovertime’, but the way I was introduced to this track, in a way that only can be described as ‘Glazby’s Way’… It had to be this….

So yeah, without further a do, my Tidy Treasure is Artemesia – Bits & Pieces (BK Remix) 

Turn the volume to max and hear it just how I was once introduced to it twenty years ago…

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