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Nik Denton Vs Paul King – Spacehopper (Nik Denton Remix (Untidy UX)

This was a huge track when it was first released and Nik Denton himself has revamped it with a tougher house edge for 2021 exclusively for Untidy UX.

Denton’s rework of Spacehopper si pretty damn good and as far away from the original as you can get. I’m loving the way the track is constantly driving, only to pause for a bit of a break where you are slowly teased back into the momentum this track provides. It’s pretty hypnotic thanks to the mesmerising bassline and the percussion is vry tight.

This does retain some of the original soounds and the break is very cleverly reworked. A first class offering throughout

This is a damn fine slice of tough house and one that is attracting the attention of key players within the house scene.

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