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Untidy’s Miami House Party tell us a tale of how their Tidy Treasure played a part in the start of a DJ set in Ibiza….

It was fifteen years after the turn of the millennium, two years after the birth of Miami House Party, when two young lads decided to put aside their own hair care routines to join forces in music. 2013 birthed the beginning of what became and continues to be an incredible journey.

Both of us hit the ground running, taking whatever gigs and opportunities present to us, spending our every waking moment exhausting our creative juices to produce some element of eargasmic goodness. Whilst Aaron was busy doing his hair…

After two years and building a solid reputation, we where starting to get recognition further afield as a duo. Independently we had already seen success outside of the emerald isle, but as Miami House Party we saw things happening. We got booked to play a number of gigs in Ibiza in the September of 2015. Given the history around this iconic island, this was a huge deal for us. So ten black t-shirts, ten pairs of fresh boxers, sunglasses and caps were thrown into our bags, hair was trimmed, legs were waxed and we were ready to wreck it in the Balearics. Even the horses head mask was ready and waiting.

We approached Ibiza excited, enthusiastic, passionate, open minded and silky smooth. Both our first times hitting the white isle, arriving in the same outlandish manner as the world’s most famous DJ duo…Kevin and Perry, coming out of the arrival lounge into the open, intense warmth of Ibiza sun, however, a lack of Eyeball Paul on our arrival. A line of taxis waited patiently, fighting over the crowd of arrivals, anticipating draining us all of the first of our finances. Not forgetting the flight going, one passenger asking cabin crew for a kinky gesture whilst wolfing down on some pills on the plane! Airport police and staff kindly meeting him at Ibiza with shiny cuffs and a bar for life from the airline.

We arrived at our hotel where we were kindly put up in, plush it was too! I mean, anywhere with a fountain in the middle of the lobby in my opinion is a bit of class. Checking in we were informed that dinner had been prepared for our late arrival, to which both of us acknowledged to one another… not a bad life this at all!

Jump forward to 1am, full bladder busting for the toilet after a mad day of interviews and day time gigging. Aaron got up from bed and made his way across the ice cold floor tiles towards his final destination, to be devastated by the unexpected horror that was to greet him. Somehow, to this day we can’t work out how, we managed to lock ourselves out of the bathroom. We tried everything, but to no avail and the sight was definitely for sore eyes. Still convinced there was an active brothel operating from over the balcony across the road and a few “happy” punters scratching their hammocks and smiling on the way out.

Gigging experience was next to none and the hospitality as per was absolutely flawless! Taxi going was fun.. “Mambo” translated to taking us to the go-karting for some strange reason to then round the isle until we made it to the strip. Near 60 euro down! Even the skinful of Hierbas pre-gig at Mambo made our headline set more enjoyable to when Robbie was shaking a clubbers hand from the booth to, (what we didn’t know) switching off the speakers in the club but the booth was in full swing! Us dancing away and wondering why the sudden stall on the dance floor to realising the main speakers were connected via amp switch under the booth which was accidentally knocked off. Within 30-60 seconds all came alive again and party went on until the hours of 6am.

One thing that we noticed was the crowd that night was demanding the harder stuff, which is a piece of our hearts. So where better to start than Tidy Trax. Now this was back in the days before we rocked about with USBs and trusted the good old compact disc. After building the set and making our way to the harder side of house, the place was up on one wheel. One girl approached the DJ booth and requested the legend, Tony De Vit. Now the reason I mentioned we were working off CDs was we had prepped for the gigs in a different way, but one CD in a host of two, fully filled CD wallets contained some delicious hard house. And to our joy sitting, nestled on Track 6, was the great Tony De Vit and The Dawn, which in itself was a masterpiece, but played to that crowd and on that night, it became something different for us. It became a memory, it became a moment in time. Sunrise began to come up as the set drew to a close, us, stumbling down the cobbles getting a taxi to take us sight seeing again at a lovely 30 euro charge not knowing before hand the coach dropped you off a stone throw from where we where staying for 2 euro a piece!

So jump forward seven years from Ibiza 1.0, remixes out for Sony, Universal, signed to Untidy Trax, Armada, Juicy, Nervous NYC, 418 music. A good few Beatport top 10s, 5s under our belt, a US dance chart Number 1 and a free subscription to Railways Weekly, a blow up doll called Tony, things have never felt as exciting for us.

Life is too short. I know it’s the old cliché, but it’s one of life’s most pertinent facts. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so whatever your dream, desire etc is, then go out and give it your all. There is no regret in life bigger, than waking up to realise you have never lived!

So essentially all this pointless, endless text is just a hypnotic notion to take you to this point, (if you are even still with us). Our new EP ‘Laser beams & Ice Creams’ is out now on the epic Untidy Trax. If you haven’t got it yet, then for the sake of putting yourself through all that reading, you have earned it. Maybe in our next adventure we can discuss our apartment shenanigans including Tony, the blow up doll Robbie surprised Aaron with!

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