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Tidy App Live Streams

The Tidy App now features live streams every week from the Tidy HQ at the Tileyard North in Wakefield. We have Tidy Twosday’s which feature live sets from Lee Haslam, Rob Tissera, Steve Lid, Bryn Whiting, Andy Roden and many more. Wednesday nights is now Weekender Wednesday with Amadeus Mozart and his Cheeky Monkey friend. Thursdays have a varied selection of guests from Ben Stevens, Paul Maddox, Sam Townsend, Leigh Green, BK, Johnny Dangerous and more. All streams start from 6:30pm and usually finishes at 9pm, so you can go bed early during the week. Coming soon is a new show called The Zander Club, featuring… you guested it – Zander Club. Lots more new shows will be added to the Live streams this summer.

You can download the app from your favourite App Store now, it’s free, with subscription options that give you lots more benefits.