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It’s all gone a bit Hayzy & very Untidy

We blow the smoke out of the way as we chat with one of Tidy’s biggest new signings… Hayz

How did you get into this music making game, because you’ve always been a clubber is that right?

Pretty much, I’ve always been fascinated by how Producers made their sounds, and being on the dance floor and watching DJ’s drop their tracks, you can see the look in their eyes knowing that this is their track they’re playing to you and feeding off the energy of everyone on the dance floor and loving it, thats when I knew I wanted to have a crack at the production game!

Who or what inspires you to make music?

Carlo Lio, Eats Everything, Sidney Charles, Will Clarke, Truncate, the Dirtybird Players, they’re the DJ’s that inspire me to make the tougher House sounds, if I could mix them all up in a pot and make a track, that would make my day haha. Also, I love to see positive people that are striving for the same thing, none of this negative bull shit, we’re all in this rat race together and we need to look out for each other, we don’t need to bitch and moan, just do you and help others, share when you can and support your mates.

You seem to have marked your territory with a sound that’s fits nicely within the world of Untidy. Did this happen intentionally?

I have always loved Hard House (always will) but went a bit off of it about 2013 and being a big fan of ibiza, I fell in love and started to make Tech House & Techno under my Nico Luss guise as it’s was a tad slower and I loved the groove and the chunkiness of it, but it just wasn’t fast enough so I started to up the BPM of my Tech House stuff right about when Untidy started to evolve again and it was like it was meant to be and as they say “the rest is history” (I did go under the name ‘Hayz vs Nico Luss’ for about a month, hence why you see my name like that on the Bassix 2 album, but it was a bit of a mouthful, so kept it as Hayz)

Will you focus on this sound or you think you will make other styles of music?

I’m focusing on a few projects right now, but they’re all around the same sort of sound, chunky tough House with a swing and some old school flavour

There will come a day when I up the BPM and bash it out but at the moment I’m in my happy place as it’s smack in between what I’ve been doing, it’s like gelling my Tech House stuff with my Hard House stuff and coming out with (I think) is the perfect blend for me at this time, the groove and swing of the Tech stuff with a drop of pace from the Harder Edged House, works perfect for me.

What are you making music with?

Ableton, Sylenth, Rob Papen Blue & Sub Boom Bass, Rave Generator, plus I’m staring to use Abletons Stock stuff a lot more these days as there are some powerful bits in there if you take a bit of time to look.

Who have you been collaborating with and who would you most like to collaborate with?

I’ve been collaborating with Darrell White (under our WhiteHayz guise) Rick James, Ben Vennard, Jon Hemming, Zander Club, Paul Clark, and I’ve been in talks with Zaw to get some bits done in 2022.

The people I would most like to collab with in the future is obviously the boss man Mr Sam Townend, Ali Wilson, Jon BW….also, there are a couple of others making mint tracks that I like such as Drew Dabble, Ross Homson, JLF and Lefty….

In a dream world I’d like to collab with Eats or Carlo Lio, they’re music gets you hooked in seconds abs it’s right up my alley!

What do you do for ideas when starting a track, explain the process?

I sort of hum and tap my way through the day in work, and if something pops into my head I’ll try and remember and get it down ASAP when I get on the computer, I get the hook or riff down then add sounds around it, and if it’s drums then I’ll start with them and add sounds around that!

some people start with drums and some with melodies, I’ve (with me anyway) found that I can start with either or, sometimes even a vocal to get the groove growing and build around that, if it works then do it, don’t be pulled into what other people do, so what’s best for you with that particular track.

Down time also plays an important part in the production process so you can refresh your batteries. How do you like to recharge?

Led vertical drinking Thatchers Gold eating some Tescos three for £1 sweets, giving the misses a foot rub and watching some shit on Netflix or Rugby is usually my go to, if not doing that then listening to Audible books…

Music wise to chill I like to watch tutorials on YouTube as you can always learn something new in this game!!

You are a prime example that anyone can make music if they put time and dedication into it, without having a musical background. What advice would you give someone, who like you is passionate, but wants to take those next steps?

Don’t give up, nothing you make is crap you just level up, don’t criticise yourself too much, the more you critique yourself the farther back you go, I read in a magazine not so long ago about making a track in 60 minutes, from start to finish and I try to do this about twice a month, keeps you on your toes…sometimes they’re shit and sometimes I’ll think hold on a minute there’s something there and do more work on it, the main reason is to stop you looping and getting stuck in the 8 bar loop prison (which I’m a sucker for!)

Also believe in what you do, I use to tend to not believe in what I was doing but the less you worry and and have fun with it, it will show in your tracks (and we all love a fun track!)

Get in with producers that know what they’re doing and take in everything they do, go in with a couple (preferably that use the same DAW) and you can learn different ways for the same things and make them your own.

Watching YouTube tutorials helps to no end as well!

It’s a well-known fact that most producers are also pretty nifty behind the decks… are you?

I’m no Paul Glazby or Eddie Halliwell that’s for sure haha!

But I’m proud to say I learnt on vinyl. (aren’t we all hah). and still having a mix at home when I can, obviously with this covid shit it’s all live feeds and stuff so it’s hard to get out and play in clubs, but I’m defo on the ball! But I’d say if I gave myself a score I’d say about 7-7.5/10 haha

Where would you like to see yourself 12 months from now?

Happily married and a bit skinnier!!!

Production wise I’d like to just see my music getting out and getting played in the clubs and on live feeds and seeing people happy when they’re playing it and in turn seeing the people jump about on the dance floor, that’s all I want, if I can make at least one person smile with my Music, then I’m doing the right thing.

It’s so nice to see my tracks falling into the right hands now, let’s hope I can keep it up!

DJ wise maybe a couple of gigs here and there, need some more action down in the South West…..I have an absolute monster one next year as playing in Arena 3 on the Friday night at the Tidy Weekend, so thats already started 2022 off with an all mighty bang!

Download and Stream this release here: https://untidy.fanlink.to/TakeMeHigh

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