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We proudly present the Tidyland Weekender Festival

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls; we proudly present to you the wondrous, the mysterious, the spectacular and the downright crazy, TIDYLAND Weekender Festival!  

Celebrating 20 years of the most infamous 72 hour party in the world, the Tidyland Weekender Festival see’s us invite you to the hallowed grounds of Pontins Prestatyn for a weekend filled full of fun & excitement.

Featuring a new & improved event schedule, ‘Tidyland’ sees us refresh the Weekender format into a full on Festival with new day time big top arenas, surprise additions to the line up, fairground, new day time activities and of course the legendary night time arenas. All this plus the fun of the original Weekenders turns Tidyland into one unmissable party!

This event replaces the twice postponed ’Tidy 25’ Weekender with all existing tickets still valid for the new event.

Due to high demand and the fact we are already over 75% sold out with existing bookings from the previous Tidy 25 event, we are now releasing chalets for new bookings in ‘drops’ of selected allocations so we can manage the space on site to maximum capacity.

The first ‘Drop’ of chalets goes live at 7pm on Monday 22nd November at with limited availability!

We hope you can join us on the 8th, 9th and 10th of July 2022 for what is set to be one of the biggest events in our history ❤

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  1. Johnny Dangerous says:

    Bring it on!

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