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Zander Club – Zander Club EP (Untidy Trax)

Former member of The Squatters Alex Powell is behind Zander Club, One of Untidy’s most exciting signings, who also has a long history in house music.

With the signing comes the first release, the very well-produced Zander Club EP which offers two tough house bangers! I’ve been lucky enough to have this for a while and it’s has had plenty of play!

First up is the disco edged ‘Spank The House’ which does begin quite deceivingly to the point of where you are walloped by the acid attack. It contains some nice elements of funk which is a bonus. It’s almost like Harry Potter has grabbed a selection of sounds, waved his wand and conjured this beast up. ‘Spank The House’ is without a doubt one of my favourite Untidy releases to date!

Flipside ‘Who Knows’ is a slightly deeper, yet still funk flavoured, affair with that toughness that makes it stand out amongst other house tracks. The piano’s in it are reminiscent of some of those classic house keys we have heard over the decades… a nod of respect by Zander Club perhaps? It’s well worthy of peak time performance.

I love the versatility of the Untidy label now with every release offering something different.

Download & Stream this release here:

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