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Talking Untidy with Jon Hemming

Untidy’s daytime event in Birmingham takes place on Saturday 20th November from 2pm until 10pm and we speak to one of the headliners, the one and only Jon Hemming!

I know you’ve been a long time supporter of the tougher side of house music, and I’m not talking hard house music here, this must be a dream come true and on your own door step too?

Yes it is a dream come true. I used to go to Air nightclub all the time as a youth, so to be able to play at the very same venue is a great feeling. Not only that but to be able to do it as a representative for untidys first ever day time party really is an honour.

Untidy Birmingham

What do you like about this sound?

The thing I love about this sound is that I can be much more creative, the sound is everything I love about house and techno all rolled in to one. I imagine It’s a fresh take on how the late great Tony De Vit approached music. No genres or restrictions., just a passion to deliver the freshest high energy dance music available. This to me is the very foundations of hard house and for that reason I love it. I have learned over the years that it’s not what you play it’s how you play it… and for me nobody demonstrated that better than Tony De Vit during the conception of hard house.. it’s Turing edge music without limits.

Which artists are you supporting musically?

Currently I’m really enjoying the music of Little Fritter, Adelphi music Factory, Andy Naylor and the leader of the new school Mr SAM TOWNEND. I’m also really enjoying the sounds of Zander Club and ZAW.

This event is the first of it’s kind within the history of hard house, how does it feel to be part of this?

It’s a very strange feeling I’m experiencing at the moment. Lockdown really affected meand my motivations. I learned to produce better music and worked on improving my music selections. Now after all that’s happened and what I worked on before the pandemic struck I can’t be more grateful. I am blessed. I have a new found inspiration and to be involved in the first ever untidy day party im my home town is a big chapter I could use on my book if I ever wrote one. A new beginning and a fresh start on a massive journey which I am really looking forward to seeing where it takes me. Amazing.

Musically, where do you feel your career pathway is taking you? Is this the direction in which you would like to go?

I’d really like to see my career spreading further afield to the underground house and tech scenes. Maybe one day I can share a stage with some of my other non hard house idols and offering the Untidy hard house sound to bigger, unsuspecting crowds. It’s time to really push things forward.

Your performance at Lovev Tidy Leeds was outstanding! Is this the kind of thing we are going to hear from you at the event?

Thank you! Yes… I felt my performance at Love Tidy North was a surprise to some of my followers, but the risk seemed to pay off with a solid dance floor for the whole set. It was inspiring and a sign I’m definitely doing what I need to do. I can’t thank my followers and friends enough for the support and yes… there will be a lot more of that high energy, tough house that’s hard for Untidy Birmingham.. I just love it. Hopefully everyone else is loving it too.

Tickets are on sale now and the event is limited to 270 people for will be a truly intimte daytime affair. The line up features Sam Townend, The Tidy Boys, Zander Club and Jodie alongside Mr Hemming perfoming extended sets at the Zumhof Biergarten in Birmingham, formerly called AIR and home to Godskitchen and Polysexual. Click here to buy your ticket and experience something complerely different from Untidy Trax! There aren’t many left!

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  1. Andy Naylor says:

    Mr Hemming is an absolute gent and I for one think his transition into this sound suits him perfectly.. I will be there for the UNTIDY gig trying to put him off for sure thought hahahah ( JOKES 😉

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