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Happy New Year to you all! We trust you all had a great Christmas and New Year? 2022 looks set to become a big year for Tidy despite the pandemic. The label has really developed within this time and more will be revealed over the coming weeks.

We caught up with some of your favourite Tidy DJs and producers for a little reflection over the past year and what this year may bring them.

Last year seemed to be a good year for you. What would you say were your top three highlights? 

Amadeus Mozart All the new music on Untidy, All the new music on Tidy Two, All the new music on Tidy Trax.

Lee Haslam Working with the team again, NFT’s, Events returning.

Jon Hemming I learnt to make better music on the tidy pro course, playing main room at Mint Warehouse to a packed crowd and finally getting to host my own successful shed event called On The Drop.

Andy Farley A Weekend Away with just Andy Farley in October and Playing in clubs again!

BK Revolution was re-released with a whole bunch of new mixes. It was amazing to see it played by all the big names, getting to play  in a club again after a long break and testing out all the new material and writing lots of new music . It was great to have lots of studio time.

Paul Clark It was a great year! My first solo release on TidyTwo with my debut track, being signed to Tidy Management and playing at the Opera House.

Ben Stevens The main highlights were being able to get back to some club nights again after such a long break. DJing was exciting again and it was great to just go out as a clubber and enjoy myself!

Zander Club Last year was unexpectedly great for me and I couldn’t have wished for a better year music wise. Developing Zander Club with Tidy was something that kept me going through some tough times during the pandemic and gave me something wicked to look forward to, so thank you to the whole Tidy team for the support! So 3 things…

1. My biggest highlight had to be mixing the Basic 2 compilation with Zaw. We’ve been chatting a lot online and build a friendship up through this. It has also always been on my bucket list to mix a compilation for a label with so much credibility! If you haven’t checked it out yet. Please do. It’s on all digital platforms and available to buy as a double CD or USB from the tidy website. (Shameless plug there) 

2. Tidy 25 at Mint club. This was my first DJ set out of a house and back on the road after almost 3 years and it did not disappoint! The crowd were epic, everyone I spoke to were lovely, loyal Tidy fans and it was so much fun.

3. Getting back in the studio and putting my en edgy in to making music I just wanted to make. Lockdown allowed me to be creative with nothing holding me back. This allowed me to write all sorts of music. Trance, breaks, house, hard house, you name it. It’s really helped me develop so many skills and got me back in the creative mindset!

Adam Dixon Number one is defo mixing the resonate album. That was a massive dream of my and a personal goal. So absolutely over the moon with that one. Getting a release on tidy two with my debut ep TOMORROW. Getting signed to Tidy Management. I was in total shock when I got the call. Bangin’… Bosh. I know you ask for three but I have a fourth. Doing the TidyTwo radio show. Winner! Bangin’… Bosh. 

Bryn Whiting Two No1’s on Beatport, Mixing the Resonate Album and seeing that I’m now playing the main room on the Saturday Night at The Tidy weekender in July 

What were you glad to see the back of in 2021? 

AM Covid Conspiracies 

LH Juggling two jobs and home teaching!

JH I’d like to say covid restrictions and lockdowns. DJing to my kids and wife in the shed during lockdown was only fun for the first few weeks. They are a difficult crowd. 

AF 2020!

BK Nothing really… I like to forwards in anyway

PC Nothing! No regrets.

BS My old studio chair, it was time for it to retire.

ZC FOMO. The fear of missing out. This is something I have had for years, so I always got involved in events, going to raves, travelling to shows, just because I felt like I had to go, I had to get involved with things. But this last year has made me realise that FOMO is actually quite toxic. It’s bad for your mental health, and physical if it means losing sleep, partying and staying up all night just so you don’t “miss out”. I don’t have this any more. It’s helped me look at things in a different perspective and actually helped me learn a lot about myself, my mentality and my physical health. 

AD Mmmmmm. Not sure on that one. Probably the lockdown ending as I had to work more during it as I can’t work from home. I’ve lost loads of hair lol. 

BW Some negative people

What is your new year’s resolution? 

AM To produce new music again for Tidy as well as Pure Energy Go (Our fitness music brand) 

LH NFT’s are the future of Tidy.. if you don’t know about them, read up on the them…

JH I’m not making resolutions this year. No one likes a skinny sober c**t anyway!

AF To get in the studio more

BK I didn’t make any… they always get broken!

PC All in on developing myself as an artist and producer

BS To re-learn to play the piano to a decent standard again

ZC Stay focused in everything I start. I have spent years starting things, but no seeing them through and jumping on to other ideas. This is partly from having ADHD, but in this last year, I have stuck to mono tasking and really seen things through a lot better. I really want to develop this and keep moving forward, finishing things and watching them grow! Speaking of that… I have a lot of unfinished music on the way. What better time to finish it ey 😉 

AD Eat healthier, do more exercise, make more music and get it out there rather it sit on my hard drive and DJing more. 

BW I haven’t made 1 because I clearly won’t keep to it 

Give us a prediction for 2022…

AM March 2020 will be the end of the pandemic and the beginning of normality

LH I’m 47 this year so it’s all about getting fit again after my back op and losing weight. 

JH Untidy represented on some massive stages to much bigger audiences. Maybe a festival in the UK or abroad.

AF Hard House crossing over into other genres and vice versa

BK 2023 will follow

PC I have a feeling this is going to an epic year for music, Tidy and my personal brand. I can’t wait.

BS The Tidyland Weekender is going to go off!

ZC I have three… Someone will attempt to assassinate Boris Johnson. We will be told by the government that Aliens are in fact real which will cause a global panic and bring down the church. Zander Club will be releasing a LOT more music on Untidy and some other sexy labels.

AD Adam Dixon going bald!

BW The Weekender will go ahead!

What can we expect from you in the future?

AM Tidyland Weekender is our big project, plus new albums concepts, lots of new music, event tours and we are going to be knee deep into NFTs

LH Lots of exciting things from the label. We are shifting a few targets this year. The last 12 months have been great to get my head around the business and now we have that experience, we are going to be making some big moves this year in terms of how we operate as a business and how we deliver what we do to people. Our digital strategy is having a bit of an overhaul and Ben and myself are working closely together to move things up another gear in 2022. As well as the label and digital side we are looking at our online store, many people know that we outsourced it 6 months ago but we are looking at taking this back under our control this year once we find the right person so watch this space… Equally we wasn’t to bring more events back.. Leeds is on the horizon, Untidy in March has nearly sold out and then it will be all focus on the Weekender. That is a massive priority. As well as all the Tidy stuff I still have my own business to look after and other artists to manage so that is still a big thing for me and if after all that, if I have any time left, I may get in the studio again but we will see…

JH I have quite a few fresh new productions coming out on multiple labels.  Some very big collaborative projects, plenty of DJ gigs. 

AF More studio productions, pure Andy Farley 2022 in November, a weekend away with Andy Farley 6 in March, Tidy Leeds, plus gigs around the UK!

BK Lots of new BK music!

PC New music, a definitive and unique style, more shows and good times. 

BS I’m getting back in the studio to do more tracks and remixes. I’ve also got a new single coming out under the alias Hotwirez on Untidy that I’m really happy with.

ZC I’m just ironing out the last technical bits to start a new live stream on the Tidy Twitch channel which is something I’m really excited about. I will be hosting more of the Untidy radio shows which I absolutely love doing and a fair few collabs, as well as more music and noise from myself.

AD I’ve finished 2 tracks which are with tidy at the moment. One is a track call FLIGHT and Lee has been hammering it on the live shows. It’s had fantastic reviews so far. The other one is called Time-Lapse which just needs some tweaking. More TidyTwo radio shows! 

BW Lots of new music my Collaboration with Nicholson which is finally released and then a massive anthem I’ve done with Leigh Green and something special coming in June / July !!!

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