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Tidy Treasures – Rawkus

Kris O’Rourke, the man behind Rawkus, tells us his Tidy Treasure…

This was a lot harder to choose than I thought….

There are so many great tracks with great memories attached to them. Luckily some of my favourites have already been previously chosen.

I decided to go back to 2000 which a great year for Hard House. Tidy had started releasing a limited run of single sided exclusive remixes on white labels with only the tidy logo, the letter M & a number on them. These would of course soon be known as the Milked Series.

It was a great set of remixes which were fun to collect. You know you had to own every release from the series. I’m going with Milked 3 which was Paul Chambers’ fantastic Bulletproof’s Sabotage Remix of Hyperlogic – U Got The Love.

I have great memories of this as a clubber and a DJ. I’ve seen this track go off at Insomniacz, Sunday Service and plenty of other events at the time of its release. I remember first hearing it when the Tidy Boys played it at Insomniacz and it sounded amazing. It was almost like Todd Terry Vs Hyperlogic. Bulletproof had put a great twist onto the original with his remix. It was like he had taken the best bits from a few great tracks and created a monster mash-up! This was a prime example of a great hard giuse record… an instant crowdwinner and floor filler.I couldn’t wait to get a copy and start playing it out myself.

When you listen to it, you’ll soon understand why It’s a really fun, feel good slab of hard house. All the other remixes of ‘U Got The Love’ are worth checking out too!

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