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Brotherly Love!

Two of the UK hard trance scene’s hottest producers team up for TidyTwo’s first relese of 2022, ‘Invincible’. We speak to Nicholson and Bryn Whiting about their bromance…

How did this track come to happen?

BW I’ve always been a far of Carl’s right from the early days when ‘Blueprint’ first came out my ears just stood up and the shivers ran down my spine. Obviously when lockdown first hit Carl helped me out to get my studio together and get me started and always said we would do something when the time was right and middle of last year the time was right I went to his and we put our minds together and then this track was born

The audition for Oliver didn’t work out…

N Myself and bryn had been distant friends for many years, Lockdown i’d say brought us together. I had a few quid i owed him from my label and we hooked up and it was enough to get his production firing on all cylinders. I am extremely proud of his, not only as a colleague but also a close friend these days.

What does Invincible mean to you?

BW To me this track means a fresh start to the year, light at the end of a very long tunnel with Covid being a memory.

N Lee Haslam sent me a bunch of work from a very talented lass named Elle, as soon as i heard the hook i knew it was a winner and i’d promised Bryn a day in studio with me. He came down, we clicked not only as friends but artistically. And ‘Invincible’ was born. The tracks message means a lot to me, as it explains that the simple message that even though a message can be said, travelled and delivered. None of us are ‘invincible’.

What do we love most about each other ?

BW I love Carl’s passion for music and being in the studio with him and seeing him come alive when we were creating this track was truly amazing and his kindheartedness and generosity.

N I would have to say pure, unadulterated enthusiasm for the work we do. You might as well had two five year olds playing with Lego on our studio day, that’s exactly how much fun we had!

Will there be more collabs?

BW Oh yes 100% we are trying to sort a date at the moment for a somthing special for the summer

N I’ve no doubt at all as he was, and is a pleasure to work with. From my perspective, always will be.

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