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Lee Haslam ‘Liberate’ Yusef Kifah Remix / Drained

He’s a bit of a dark horse is Yusef Kifah… he sprung up on us out nowhere, delivered the goods, then retreated back to his cave of creativity. One of the projects he cultivated was this rework of Lee Haslan’s Liberate which he has certainly taken to the next level.

The original itself is one of those tracks you can stuggle to better, but a remix is not about bettering a track, it;s about putting your twist on it and Kifah does that very will with a variety of twisted synth sounds after the vocal leads you in. Kifah has created a sound that makes it instantly recogniseable it’s him, just like Haslam did back in the day.

It’s a new dawn… it’s a new Tidy anthem courtesy of Drained…

Yusef Kifah is definitely a name to keep your ears open for over the next twelve months

I don’t know about Liberate… this certainly Elevates!

Download & Stream this release here:…

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