Sharp Tools Volume 6
Artist Interviews

Sharp Tools Time…

Steven and George Sharp continue their Sharp Tools insight with the release of Sharp Tools Volume 6 today!

‘Dansen’ It had been quite a few years since we had produced some Sharp Tools tracks and during that period our floors had become even more funkier with a lot of emphasis on disco and ‘Dansen’ with it’s hooky vocal and cheeky cut-up disco elements really became a track that was highly influenced by the crowd vibes at the time. On an evening whilst DJing alongside Hi-Fi Sean he curiously asked what it was and within a week he had delivered his fantastic remix for us, which was the very first time one of our Sharp Tools tracks had been remixed.

‘Doritos’ No points what what was being eaten in the studio at the time re: the title! Ha Ha! As with ‘Dansen’, the emphasis was on fun, big hooks and riffs for the floor, and we had been playing around with this guitar riff for some time, in fact we even did a few vocal versions, but for the purpose of Sharp Tools this version sat best and was us entering some commercial territory to experiment with.

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