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Technikal & Nicholson – System Shock (Dan Thompson Remix) (TidyTwo)

Technikal and Nicholson’s System Shock is one of those tracks that withstands the test of time. It always sounds as fresh as it dd the first time it was released. This time round it has had a Dan Thompson remix and he’s done a fantastic rework of the original.

Dan has created wholesome ad euphoric hard trancer which is driving and melodic whilst full to the brim of energy and euphoria just waiting to be unleashed. It’s slightly lighter and more European sounding than the original which is UK hard trance at its finest moment. It’s a bit like a vintage wine… it ages well and always tastes good. It slots right in place along the path that TidyTwo is heading in.

A remix is only ever a producer’s interpretation of the original and they can go very wrong in some cases but definitely not in this case. Dan has created something special which compliments the original very well. Expect this to be hugely supported by the trance elite and many others!

I’m looking forward to hearing some more of Dan’s work.

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