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The final chapter..?

Resonate 12 has landed. It s the final instalment of the series launched by Tidy back in 2002 to promote the brutal sound of hard trance. Adam Dixon and Bryn Whiting have been given the honour of mixing it. We caught up with the pair during a recent visit to Tidy HQ.

Resonate 12 is here and you have both mixed it. How does it feel to be part of the legendary album series and how did it come about? 

Adam “When Ben Stevens called me out of the blue to ask me I was like ok, yeah of courses . Then when we finished talking and stood there for a minute ….booooom it hit me, I’m mixing a Resonate album! 

I’m over the fucking moon!! So chuffed about it. Honestly, I’m still smiling about it. The Resonate series are legendary. I remember listing to the first  one mixed by Lee Haslam. The sounds from that CD just blow me away. It was the music I raving to in the clubs. Hard hitting but with the hands in the air moments that just take you away. “ 

Bryn “I got a text from Lee Haslam simply saying ‘Resonate 12?’ I replied ‘What about it?’ and Lee replied with ‘Do you want to mix it?’ I replied ‘Shut the front Fucking door!!’ So yeah it came as a massive shock and I was so overwhelmed that I was asked I mean I’m just a lad from a small town in Hampshire who’s been listening to Tidy for the last 20 years it’s every Music lover / up and coming DJS  dream be asked to mix an album for the label he or she’s loved for so many years.”

How did you go about compiling the track listing? 

Adam “I took my time, I didn’t rush it. For me, this was an absolute honour to be asked to do it. Also, I didn’t want to fill it with just Adam Dixon tracks. I wanted to showcase the full spectrum of the harder side of trance. I think I did 4 drafts of the track list as I wanted it all to flow and to tell a sort of story.” 

Bryn “I wanted to do my relentless style mixing but I thought that I would stay true to the original format and not change it. I instantly knew an idea of some tracks I wanted on the album I wanted it to be a journey. Music is a journey and progression… not hammer it right from the word go! I wanted to do A dedication track to Mr Haslam as he’s been such a massive part of the Resonate Series so I remixed Lee’s legendary track ‘Liberate’ and it got the green light to be an exclusive track for the album along with a brand new track from my self as another Exclusive for the Album.”

Adam, your did your mix live. There was a last-minute change to the track listing… how frustrating was it to re-record the mix? 

Adam “Yeah , when you think you have nailed it and then a track doesn’t get licenced. Back to the drawing board ha ha… For me it wasn’t about just replacing a track for another because as I said it all needs to fit and flow. But if I’m honest, I didn’t mind, I really enjoy mixing and the whole process of putting it all together.”

How would you describe your mix to your audience? 

Adam “A journey through the multiverse of trance, the full spectrum. The euphoric sound of hard trance as it is today.” 

Bryn “Aa progressive flow of the best euphoric  Trance / Hardtrance of today In My opinion.”

Which one of the other albums in the series stands out for you? 

Adam “that’s a tuff one… I’m going with 12” 

Bryn “I would have to say I really enjoyed Resonate 10 I’m a massive fan of Nicholson and Signum and that album for me was exceptional.”  

What was most challenging about putting the mix together? 

Adam “Not over thinking it, not trying to please everyone. That’s what I found challenging. I had a word with myself a couple of times…”

Bryn “I always go by if I’m feeling it then I would hope other people are feeling it if you’re not enjoying then others won’t.”

It is rumoured that this could be the last in the Resonate series. How does it feel to write the closing chapter so to speak? 

Adam “Very honoured, fingers crossed we have done it justice. The sound as evolved loads over the course of series. I believe we have captured what the sound is now.”  

“Just one little thing I would like to add… A massive shout out to Ben Stevens. He worked like a machine behind the scenes to get all the tracks licenced.  A massive thank you Be!”

Bryn “I would hope it’s not the last in the series as the music is only getting better and so many new producers are coming through as well. It would be a shame to end on something that is really only just beginning.”

“But, if it is the end, I hope everyone enjoys this mix and thank you to Lee Haslam, Amo and Ben for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Resonate 12 is out now as a limited edition mixed double CD and a rather special USB available from the online Tidy store. Buy the CD here and the USB here.

There are a few copies of the Resonate Album Collection on USB available here.

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