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Boogie Monster Untidy’s 50th

Sam Townend is back in between your eardrums with Untidy’s 50th release and as you would expect it’s a first class offering.

Delivering a throbbing bassline it also offers a nice disco riff giving it some boogietastic funk. There is a wide array of lush sounds within this track to not only make your feet move but your juicers flowing too. I can’t get enough of this sound and it has given me plenty of inspiration too.

There is currently a remix competition for this beast but I would be interested in hearing a ZAW and Sharp Boys Remix of this, (hint hint). Sam’s original mix outlines his creative genius and tht Lockdown learning has certainly paid off. With this and his Tuff London guise he is definitely a force to reckoned with, within the house world.

This is house music for the cool kids and will keep them boogieing to Bournemouth and back… but with a nice hard edge to it.

Without a doubt, Untidy delivers a complete Boogie Monster!

Download & Stream this release here:

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