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Bassix 2 mixed by Zander Club and ZAW (Untidy Trax)

When Untidy released the first Bassix album mixed by Sam Townend, nobody knew quite what to expect. The Untidy sound was evolving and this was an album that included tracks by Tall Paul and Todd Terry alongside newcomers, Rawkus, Zaw and Undergroove as well as Sam’s new material. In Untidy’s past life the likes of Terry would have never appeared on an album.

Fast forward to now and we see the second Bassix instalment, this time mixed by two of the scene’s finest producers, Zander Club and ZAW. Not only do you get to buy a double CD of the album, there is a rather cool looking USB packed with additional content that couldn’t fit onto the CD.

Looking at the tracklisting is enough to make your trousers twitch. Once again, his album showcases the emerging talent of tougher house producers such as Jodie, Ross Homson, Rawkus, JMF and Drew Dabble making up the track list, joining established producers such as BK, Ben Stevens, Andy Farley, Sam Townend and Ali Wilson.

Both Zander and ZAW, (try saying that pissed up!), have created incredible journeys with their mixes which build throughout. Most compilations you hear from other labels are just an un-programmed mix of tracks, whereas this is a musical mission, a complete journey through the realms of tougher house. This is real DJing…

All the tracks they have included are fresh, there are literally one or two reworks of classic Tidy releases, other than that, this is 100% new music. A true statement confirming the strength of Untidy Trax.

This isn’t a new sound by any means, it’s a re-invented sound, but when you hear it like this it sounds bloody good!

This will definitely become as big as series for Untidy as Resonate did for Tidy.

Grab a copy of the CD here and the USB here.

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