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Ali Wilson – Tabula Rasa EP (Untidy Trax)

This is the first official release from the album although two tracks from the album were released a short while ago.

The Triple tracker sees Pihranha, co produced with Matt Smallwood and Andy Farley, Feel The City Breakin and Robotrock, delivering three powerful pieces of turntable power in three different styles.

The collab with Smallwood ad Farley is a long time coming with the three of them having been a pivotal feature of the London club scene for decades. Piranha is throbbin cut with a delicious kick drum, pumping bassline and cracking old skool favloured stab running throughout. It’s aptly nbamed as once it takes a bite it won’t let go until it’s shredded the dancefloor.

Feel The City Breakin is more of a deeper, underground cut. This analogue powered track will do what it says on the tin and break the city. This will appeal to n alternative audience to the main Untidy sound.

Last but not least it Roborock which reminds me a lot of the Celvin Rotane sound that emerged from Germany during the late 90’s. It certainly is a groover.

So there you go… three great cuts on one EP. There is no exuse to not play one, two or eventhree of these out!

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