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Lee Pasch – Hybridize (Nicholson Remix) (Drained)

Tidy Two’s king of euphoric breakdowns adds his twist to Lee Pasch’s original version of Hybridize and what a complete belter this is!

The track begins quite deceivingly with a hard edge to make you think Nicholson has delved into his past production styles with more of a ferocious hard house remix. Fear not… it is a deception as this misleading musical mayhem leads you right into a feeling of empowerment and gloriousness. As the heavens divide, light breaks through, cutting into the darkness and Nicholson’s heavenly breakdown shines down on us all. The mayhem returns with the added melody from the breakdown giving you what could be described as THE sound of TidyTwo, whether current or past.

The great thing about this Drained series is that you never know what to expect. That’s three in the bag for Drained… Looking forward to hearing more!

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