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No Limits!

They say the sky is the limit, but not for Bryn Whiting as he releases his last track of 2021. He tells us how at one point he actually hated the track and shelved it. We think it is one of the best TidyTwo releases so far…

Tell us about this monster… how did it come about?

Hi Johnny lovely to speak to you again! S… Imade this track back in May and originally wanted it to be an instrumental. I sent it to Tidy and they loved it straight away but said it needs a vocal or a hook. I wasn’t too keen on the idea at first but I took their advice and after being guided to a vocalist we had someone sing over it. It was okay but for me it didn’t make me go “Wow that’s made it better!” We kept going back and forth with about six or seven revisions and I was losing love for the track. I started on other projects and it got shelved for a couple months. I had conversations with people and realised I wanted to get this track done so I was recommended another vocalist. Elle. I messaged her, sent her the track, she did one take and she nailed it. Now I Absolutely love it and it’s my favourite track I’ve done so far and I hope everyone else loves it too.

You have been pretty consistent with what you have produced during the kast couple of years. You must be pretty pleased with yourself.

I’ve just been very fortunate to have a cracking team of people around me from Lee Haslam to advise and guide me and Amo who’s brutally honest with my music and always tells me off for getting too excited. Ryan K who I’ve been working with for this year, masters my music and I wouldn’t change now. This year has been amazing for new producers and new talent from Paul Clark to Adam Dixon to Yoshi and Razner and the Legend Nicholson. It’s not just myself who has had an amazing year, but everyone, and I think the future of the scene is looking promising.

How does it feel to be inspiring others to produce trance?

I set out the beginning of this year just to make music to help people smile and inspire because we’ve all been through hell and back the last two years I just wanted to help put a smile on peoples faces. Knowing I’m doing that is bigger than anything! Knowing that I’m inspiring people also to make music is a great feeling also!

I believe this may be the last solo release wee hear from you for a while?

I have 1 track out on frantic Digital soon and then one in January with the wonderful Mr Nicholson which is a massive monster called Invincible. In February or March I have my remix of Colin Barrett and Phil York’s track ‘Master Your Fears’ on the Drained series and then there will be no more music after that for a little while.

What aree you currently working on and what does your schedule involve for the next twelve months?

I am currently working on something that could possibly becoming out in June / July time but we shall see. I’m still doing my Relentless Radio show and then hopefully next year some more gigs would be nice but we shall see.

You have accomplished so much with your music… what is your dream and focus now?

Thank you for the kind words. I feel top of the world after this year.So much has happened for me and I’m so grateful for everyone that has listened, streamed or bought anything I have ever done. The focus remains the same… just to make music that makes people happy and dance. The dream… well there’s only one dream but I won’t say what it is as I don’t want to give it away!

Download & Stream this release here:

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