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The return of the Nawty boy and Mobi

Having previosly releaserd material on 12 Inch Thumpers, Mobi D and Jason Nawty debuted their first release theugh Tidy. We spoke to them about their collaboration Higher Level out now on Tidy White.

You were both previously signed to 12 Inch Thumpers… what made you decide to collaborate on this track?

Although we played out as the 12 Inch Thumpers smashing out each others tracks, we never did a collab at the time. Both our returns to the scene meant it was time.

What is the inspiration behind the release?

Each other. Pretty much, we just bounced. A lot of producers will know what we mean when we say that.

t’s different in style to what you have released previously, this is a little more trancey and euphoric in places how come?

We have both grown as producers and with doing our other projects we have learned more techniques from other genres and so wanted to implement them into Higher Level.

Technology has changed a lot from when you first started… what are you using to produce, compared to what you used back then?

Th quality of the software engineering that goes into a VST now is incredible compared to twenty years ago. Its now even easier now to produce a good solid track with just software. That aside there will always be a need for a decent hardware synth or two.

Do you think there is more opportunity for people to make music these days due to what is available to make it?

Simple answer is YES. The previous answer covers our thoughts. We think this is great for the scene. The better the quality, the better the music.

What’s next for Mobi-D and Jason Nawty… will we see more collaborations or is this a one off?

Yes, of course, the feed back from Higher level has been awesome. So we have already started the follow up.

What are your thoughts on the new music that is appearing from new artists? Anyone we should be looking out for?

That’s a tough question, with such a volume of new releases every week, some great tracks are getting lost in that pile sadly. Artists we reckon to look out fort are Kid Dynamo, Direct Drive (DJ Goa), Lil Miss Jules.

What can we expect from you when the lockdown shackles have finally dropped off..?

Big DJ sets, as a duo, and also as individuals… Kicking off with Frantic in the woods in Aug. We were booked for the Fri night on the TW25 too. Wooohoooo

Finally what takes you to a higher level?

Being in the studio together bouncing off each other like a pair of nutters. Its wicked.

Download & Stream this release here:

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