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TidyTwo Radio launches!

Following on from the huge success of Untidy Radio, TidyTwo have launched their own radio show with none other than Adam Dixon at the helm. We caught up with Adam whilst he was mid-stream, sucking tea through a Twix bar.

How did the TidyTwo radio show come about?

Amo, Ben and myself had a Skype call regarding TidyTwo and I said out loud, “We need a TidyTwo radio show. Leave it me and I’ll get it sorted.” I didn’t give Amo a chance to say no.

Tell us what we can expect to hear on the show?

Expect to hear absolute WINNERS of tracks to be played! showcasing dance floor destroyers!! The very best in hard trance, trance, tech trance, uplifting trance and all the ones in between. We will also be getting guest DJs in to do a guest mix.

The first show signifies the strength of the label by showcasing a powerful history of its releases, how did you find putting this together?

I’ll be honest, it all just flowed. I loaded up all the TidyTwo releases for 2019 to November 2021 and just went with it.

How did you decide what made the cut for the first show?

Pretty much every release so far has been favourite so I just went with what flowed really. Tracks had to be slightly edited as it’s a radio show.

Untidy Radio has been syndicated worldwide, will TidyTwo Radio be the same?

That’s the plan!!

How does it feel to be fronting the show?

Absolutely amazing!!!! I’m really excited about it.

You’ve come a long way over the past two years, did you ever imagine you would have the opportunities you have had?

No, no way… I very grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and the experiences so far. I am super excited about the future and the rest of this amazing journey!

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