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Bryn Whiting – Velvet Sky (Tidy Two)

When it comes to consistency, one name that you can associate with this is Bryn Whiting. TidyTwo have built up a core ‘team’ of producers including Nicholson, Adam Dixon and Paul Clarke. Along with Bryn, these are what I would call the dream team. They are quite aptly named too, as the four of them are renowned for making uplifting, powerful trance.

This two track EP is a huge battle weapon. ‘Velvet Sky’ is a vocal trancer with an atmospheric foundation and a huge breakdown. The vocal does make a huge difference to the track as it rides over the melodic breakdown. Bryn is a master when it comes to a powerful breakdown, the most important element in a trance tune.

‘My Story’ takes this up a notch with it being just a tad tougher. A nice hard trancer with some lovely European sounding elements to it. The breakdown in this is very intricate and nicely played. It builds into an absolute monster! It just keeps building.

Forget your overhyped trance artists, it’s guys like Bryn Whiting who are at the forefront of the UK’s trance scene and will be for some time yet. It’s no wonder this went straight into the Beatport Trance Top 100 at number 4.

This is probably TidyTwo’s biggest release to date!

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