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Talking Untidy with Jodie

We talk to another of the headliners for the Untidy Daytime event at Zumhof Biergarten in Birmingham on 20th November… Untidy starlett Jodie!

How does it feel to be playing at an exclusive Untidy party, the first to be held during the day? 

it’s really, really exciting! I love daytime events as much as the night-time ones. I’m very excited for the sounds that fit under the Untidy umbrella to be centre stage. I think it’ll be a really good chance for Untidy to shine and an opportunity for everyone to hear lots of upcoming, fresh new music. 

Being a daytime event will your set differ from what you would play if it was at night? 

Yes I think so and this makes it all the more exciting, a new experience. It mainly depends on the atmosphere on the day but I’m looking forward to playing some new music to see how it goes down, alongside some Untidy classics of course.

Will this allow you to be more diverse musically? 

Absolutely, the slower tempo is a great opportunity to combine my love of speed garage bass with hard house. This event will allow me to go on a real musical journey with my set. 

When will we be hearing some Untidy music from yourself Jodie? 

Very soon. I keep things I make close to my heart but it’s about time I started sharing. (Keep an eye put for the next Untidy Tools EP! – JD)

Tickets are on sale now and the event is limited to 270 people for will be a truly intimte daytime affair. The line up features Sam Townend, The Tidy Boys, Jon Hemming and Zander Club alongside Jodie perfoming extended sets at the Zumhof Biergarten in Birmingham, formerly called AIR and home to Godskitchen and Polysexual. Click here to buy your ticket and experience something complerely different from Untidy Trax! There aren’t many left!

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