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Talking Untidy with SamTownend

Untidy’s first event is on the brink of selling out with 75% of tickets sold. We had a catch up with Sam Townend to talk Untidy…

Why a daytime event?
Daytime clubbing has always been a favourite of ours and we feel the Untidy sound suits a proper afternoon knees up. It’s a great time to party and we feel it’s a fresh way of doing things that compliments the music perfectly. Let’s go!

The event will showcase Tidy Management’s tougher house artists, showing an alternative side to some of them like Jon Hemming for example, how important is this?
It’s great for the artists to express themselves with this new sound were pushing. It seems to be getting some momentum and to get people like Jon fully onboard with this is lovely to see.

You and the boys are already established artists, the boys launched the Untidy sound and you refreshed it, what doe the new kids on the block bring to the party?
It just brings a nice fresh edge to things. Although I have been around for years I still consider myself as yet to be properly established as I’ve never really pushed myself as a solo act, so with this new sound we’re doing it all feels like something new which is great.

Will we see this event in other parts of the country or will it be a Brum thing?
100% – we’re already looking at Leeds, London and Manchester for some other events; watch this space!

Does this mean there could be an Untidy mixed album dropping soon?
Yes. Bassix 2 will be dropping very soon!

With the ever growing success of Untidy will we now see a bigger room at TW25?
Yes. The Weekender will see a VERY heavy Untidy presence at the party. I can’t wait!

Tickets are on sale now and the event is limited to 270 people for will be a truly intimte daytime affair. The line-up features The Tidy Boys, Jon Hemming, Zander Club and Jodie alongside Sam Townend perfoming extended sets at the Zumhof Biergarten in Birmingham, formerly called AIR and home to Godskitchen and Polysexual. Click here to buy your ticket and experience something complerely different from Untidy Trax! There aren’t many left!

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