Sharp Tools Volume Three
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Sharp Friday!!!

Friday means it’s the penultimate chapter in the Sharp boys rundown of heir first four Sharp Tools digital releases. Steven and George Sharp tell us the tales behind the tracks on Sharp Tools Volume Three.

‘I Need’ One of those productions that really came together quickly and we just again had a lot of fun teasing the vocal until the big breakdown. This track started to get into a wider range of DJs as we were starting to do more remixes.

‘Keep On Livin’ Lots of tribal beats set against the hook of the vocal. Made for Trade and Turnmills once again, and a bit of a driver! Perfectly sat peak set for us.

‘Castro’ Recorded I am fairly sure after our first gig in San Francisco! We absolutely loved the city… a whole different feel to NYC and LA. American House in general was always such an inspiration to us that we couldn’t quite believe we were starting to get booked to play in such landmark places!

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