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BK – Reach (Tidy Trax)

BK needs no introduction at all. He came into the scene at a very young age and has produces many of the hard house anthem we have all come to love over the decades. It’s always exciting when you get an e-mail with the subject saying ‘New BK Track’.

His latest offering is probably not what you would expect to hear from the prince of hard house. The first thing that hits you with Reach, literally, is the kick drum. it has some beef to it. Many of you will know that Ben is one half of Tuff London with Sam Townend and the pair have torn up many a house dancefloor across the globe. Tuff London influences are evident in this track.

Reach actually has a hypnotic groove to it thanks to the bassline and the vocal. It’s immensely well produced and dare I say it, Sharp sounding to a certain extent. You would easily get away with playing this in a tougher house set.

I love the track and I love the fact that it’s not just a hard house track… it’s a track that you will hear being played by a DJ that you least expected to hear play it. Ben has never been afraid to experiment and push boundaries and that is just what he has done here.

This is a secret weapon if I’ve ever heard one!

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