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The Beast From The East

The latest offering on Tidy White is a hard trance offering and comes from a newcomer to the scene, another graduate of the TidyPro Academy. We speak to Martin Eastern about how his release has elevated him to new levels.

You are a TidyPro graduate. What made you decide to sign up to it?

I decided to sign up as it seemed a good opportunity to build on the skills I had learned making music, from producer/DJs I looked up too and those who inspired me to write music.

What production knowledge did you have prior to the course?

Quite a broad knowledge, ranging from sound design, electronics theory and mixing production techniques accumulated over the years.

Who was your tutor and what was it like having them as a mentor?

BK. Ben was my tutor, and it was great as he was a patient tutor and seemed to understand exactly what I needed to do to advance my production skills.

Explain what a typical TidyPro session would involve?

Ben would go through some techniques and more than that, highlight his process and how important that is along with the other methods of constructing your track. Then at the end we would be set a homework task tailored to the individuals needs and evaluated the following lesson and via personal feedback.

What one thing would you say you learned that was the most valuable to you making music?

The structured process in which Ben takes when approaching making a song. There is a degree of spontaneity, but to drive the track forward without overdoing it you need to focus on the broader picture.

What element of music production did you find challenging that TidyPro helped you to overcome?

Over-criticizing my work. Of course, it is valuable to have high standards, but you’ll never be perfectly happy while in the process of making the track. Once its complete and allowed to “marinate” a little in that time inbetween listening is when you find yourself happy with the outcome! (In my opinion of course )

Did you think you would ever have a release on Tidy?

I always imagined what it would be like but not really, It’s a hell of a chufty badge for me to have achieved this!

Your release on Tidy White is something of hard trance monster, is this what you have always made?

I’ve mainly always made hard trance, but I’ve made lots of hard house/techno/progressive house/hardcore/drum and bass/synthwave, basically anything electronic haha!

What inspired the track?

My wife! She is my number one fan and believes in me, she doesn’t even like Trance, but I converted her hehehe

Are there more Tidy releases in the pipeline?

Well, I have lots of tracks I’m working on at the moment, most of which would fit the Tidy sound, so it depends on if the boys like them enough to release any so fingers crossed!

Will we see you playing our or are you more comfortable in a studio?

I’d love to be out playing, I sold my vinyl decks years ago because of space issues, but I started dj’ing 20 odd years ago. Producing was a simple progression from that passion. So maybe soon, I’ve just been making mixes for myself on my usb dj controller and love that you don’t have to carry a massive box of vinyl around anymore. Memory sticks just fit in your pocket!

Who are you heroes, both behind the decks and in the studio?

Ben BK, The Tidy Boys and Girls and Tidy DJ’s, Technikal is a massive influence for me as are Lab4, DarkbyDesign, Guyver, Aplhazone, Signum, Ferry Corsten.

Dave Clarke is a DJ god as is Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, TDV, Deadmau5, Captain Tinrib and shout to Lee Haslam as ex-resident dj of my local superclub Slinky

There are so many more I could go on for pages with this…

What would you say to anyone contemplating doing a TidyPro course?

Go for it! You’ll learn valuable lessons, make friends and have fun doing it! No matter your skill level, I’m pretty sure you will take something positive away from this great course!!

Download & Stream this release here:

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