Untidy's 50th Relese!
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Untidy Trax Celebrate Their 50th Release!

It’s a big day at Tidy HQ today as Untidy Trax celebrates it’s 50th releases. Sam Townend talks to us about his surprise of how the label has seen a promising resurgence since it was brought back to life with new produces and brand new releases. The 50th release is Sam Townend’s ‘Boogie Monster’ and what a belter it is!

What a year it has been for Untidy Trax and the year isn’t even over. Be honest… did you expect this to happen?

Not in the slightest. I’ve always loved Untidy but I never foresaw the ‘rebirth’ as such. It’s great to be a part of it and we’re only just getting started!

You breathed life back into the label and it’s now on it’s 50th release which is a single from you. What kind of pressure were you under to deliver something special with Boogie Monster?

Non at all to be honest. I made Boogie Monster totally incidentally and once it was done we just decided it would be the 50th release. The best music always comes from when you’re just making records that you love rather than trying to make the ‘Ultimate Untidy 50’ record, so it all just came together very naturally, which was lovely.

For me the surprise has been the likes of Pual Maddox, Ali Wilson and Matt Smallwood, former hard house producers creating phenomenal remixes of classics they played the originals of, alongside the likes of modern-day heroes like Sorley and Sam Divine. There must surely be more surprises to come?

Yes, as you say for Untidy UX proect we’ve Paul Maddox in Spektre guise delivering a storming mix of the TDV classic ‘Are You Already’. We’ve got Nik Denton updating his track ‘Space Hopper’, Denney has done a brilliant rework of ‘Jon Bishop – Stalker’, and we’ve got Piero Pirupa tackling Hyperlogic! We’ve also just an e-mail from one of the biggest techno acts in the world confirming they want to be involved in the project, so watch this space..!

As an artist, you yourself have evolved as a result of Lockdown. Your music has become more refined and your production is extremely tight. It’s like you are the final piece in the Untidy Jigsaw that got lost when the box was put back on the shelf all those years ago, until you dusted it down recently. What’s next for you?

Those are very kind words. thank you. As I have said before it’s just music from the heart and i genuinely feel that this is my vibe. I’m concentrating fully on developing this new Untidy sound now and trying to reach out farther afield with some releases on other labels. I’m basically just cracking on… we’re only just getting started.

I know I have asked you this before, but what is the likely hood of having an Untidy Weekender, a three-day house event where you come together with other house brands to deliver something special, similar to what you have accomplished with the Tidy Weekenders?

At the moment, zero chance, but never say never. We are planning stand alone Untidy events though so watch this space… (This is what I’m taking about… JD)

Where does Untidy Trax go from here?

More music, more new talent, more events, more radio shows and more remixes. There seems to be a genuine interest in this style of ‘harder House’ sop we’re just gonna enjoy ourselves, work hard and see where the road takes us!

Download & Stream this release here: https://untidy.fanlink.to/BoogieMonster

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