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Ali Wilson – Tabula Rasa (Untidy Trax)

Ali Wilson is no stranger to our scene, you could almost call him a veteran with many tours of duty under his belt. He is an artist that had developed over time and has produced various style of music over the decades.

His latest offering on Untidy Trax is an album of what can easily be said is his finest work to date. It is a collection of house flavours tinged with toughness and the influences of other generes from Wilson’s past. Each of the tracks has a story behind them. Tabula rasa is the theory that individuals are born without built-in mental content, and therefore all knowledge comes from experience or perception.

All fourteen tracks on the album are club tracks. Each of them has a place in any DJ’s set. Traccks like ‘Cognate’ and ‘Take Me Away’ have lready seen light of day courtest of Untidy and more will follow on the Ali Wilson EP due out soon. Influences have come from artists such as The Kunckleheadz, his long tine friend Matt Smallwood and also his dad.

Take Me Away is one of my personal favourites on the album. Having been involved in the scene for a good few decades I have always been a fan of the Old Skool and the sounds in this bring back many of those Old Skool memories.

The production within the album is first class whether it’s a drum loop or styth stabbed melody. Where vocals have been used in tracks they have been cleverly executed. It’s evident this album has taken some time to complete and as with all good thing in life, they shouldn’t be rushed. Good things come to those that wait and this certainly has been worth that wait.

Tidy have been successful with their prevous three artist albums, Reverent and Frerse by Carl Nicholson and of course Fractal by Sam Townend. This success continues with Tabula Rasa.

Other atrists I would to see an album from are ZAW, Zander Club and Undrergroove, three highly talented artists emerging from within the new Untidy sound… I’m crossing my fingers that this will happen!

Rumour has it there is a collaboration concocting between Ali and Zander Club… It is only a rumour though…

You can buy the Tabula Rasa USB drive here and the CD here.

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