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ZAW – Human Music (Untidy Trax)

Untidy’s Boy Wonder ZAW is back with another beauty of a release.

This begins with a bit of a tribal flavour to it. A nice pounding bass drum helps to build the track nicely as the chopped up vocals slowly infiltrate it. It has a catchy little synth stab that filters in as the track build into an extremely sensual and erythematic affair.

I the ‘Untidy sound’ as was known is no more. Why..? It has diversified to become a house music label in its own right and this track confirms that. House music has no boundaries and it more of an open-minded genre than many others. It certainly is a diverse style.

This has to be one of the best tech house releases around at the moment and you can be sure of plenty of support from Ds you just wouldn’t expect to have supported the label decades ago.

Once again, ZAW has pushed his music beyond the limits. I love how every release I have heard from him is different in sound and style. I for one would welcome a ZAW artist album, and I’m sure it will happen.

Download & Stream this release here:

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