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The World According To… ZAW

Becoming one of Untidy’s youngest ever producers is something of an achievement… how did you manage to pull it off? 

I take a lot of pride in being surrounded with such amazing, established talent and them having faith in me to carry my own weight with Untidy. Always big thanks to my mentor, Michael Hooker, who has brought my into the world of Tidy, then Sam really showing me what Untidy is all about. 

Why did Untidy Want You? 

I see what you did there! I believe that making great music is just part of the artistry, I feel Untidy wanted me cause they saw the excitement and drive I possess. I am always hungry for me and always planning 5 steps ahead! 

Describe your sound in five words… 

Gritty, Rugged, Raw, Rowdy, Original. 

Can you remember what was the first record you every bought? 

Kinda took my brother’s Daft Punk’s Discovery album and the rest is history, 

Funky or tough? 

Tough. I’ve developed a reputation now of making tougher house music!

Hard and fast or slow and sensual? 

Depending on what we’re talking about, but let’s go with hard and fast for music purposes haha.

Which DJs do it for you? 

Patrick Topping, Eats Everything, Ewan McVicar, Elliot Adamson, Ammara and lots more!

Where has been your best clubbing experience? 

VEGAS, BABY! Countless times I have been to Vegas to experience the overcrowded, overpriced clubs. Definitely have caught our man Fergie a few times there.

Whim did you discover you were actually good at making Human Music? 

I am still learning and building my sound every day, this isn’t even my final form. Every track I make I seem to impress myself noticing my growth. I still have a long ways to go but Human Music just came together so naturally.

Have you ever been in trouble with the feds? 

Nope! I am a good boy!

What is the most scandalous thing you have ever done?

My parents are probably going to read this, skip! HAHA. 

Dim Sum or Domino’s? 

Johnny, we’re going to dim sum as soon as I get out there. We are going to have a dumpling eating contest! 

Who is the most famous person you have met? 

Honestly no one that really stands out. I don’t get star struck. My mom has met Jackie Chan before though and that’s freaking cool. 

Who do you admire for what they have done? 

My mom and dad have been my biggest fans throughout my whole journey. 90% of the time they have no idea what’s going on nor do they even enjoy my music, but they are constantly pushing me and supporting my dreams. Thanks mom and dad, I love you more than you’ll ever know. I have to also shout out my mentor Michael Hooker, he’s been a big brother to me and always holds me accountable, keeps me grounded and focused always. I’ll always take a moment to tell my fans to check out his music as well.

What really pisses you off? 

Bullying. I believe in being nice to everyone, there is no need to ever hurt people or put someone down. I have love for everyone, even for those who don’t have love for me. My mom is a Buddhist and that’s where I get these values from.

What is your most prized possession? 

I am not a man of material needs, and this may come to a surprise to my mom, but she’s given me this bracelet I wear every single day, and it always makes me think of her. I am a momma’s boy always. 

What is the secret behind your success? 

Let me tell you, Johnny, you have to buckle down and trust the process. Everything always looks smooth and easy from the outside, but there are always so much blood, sweat, and tears that go into it all behind the scenes. You have to have confidence in yourself, thick skin, and a drive that nothing can deter. I’ll admit, I am human, and the process hasn’t always been smooth, but I always endure. I feel that’s my best quality: I never give up.

Finally, is it all Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll..? 

Haha I am sure there is a great time for all of that and it sounds like an awesome party, but for now, it’s all about family, friends, my fans, and making amazing music for you all. Sorry for the disappointing answer, ladies…

ZAW – Human Music is out on Untody Trax now.

Download & Stream this release here:

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