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Prime Mover – Perfect Organism (2021 Remix) (Tidy Trax)

Prime Mover return with a refreshed version of Perfect organism which originally surfaced on Medikal Records in 2001, before appearing on Tripoli Trax in 2003. The production partnership of Dave Parkinson and Aaron Paramor have provided us with a plethora of fine platters since the early Millennium.

Prime Mover gave is a multitude of classics and this is one of their finest. The 2021 remix is tougher than the original versions, but only slightly. It packs a more powerful kick. The acid riff that runs trough it is always more hostile giving the track more rawness, and yes, they’ve kept that long siren build in, although it sounds less like a siren.

The original version is also available for the ‘if it ain’t broke’ crowd giving the choice of both versions. It follows the re-release of another recent classic of this ‘Feel What I Feel’, another timeless classic from the vaults of hard house.

This is a prime example of good ferocious hard house with a twist of hard house thrown in for good measure. Wouldn’t a live set by these be great to see at a Tidy event…

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