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5 facts about… Jon Hemming

To celebrate the release of Keep It Tidy 7 we reveal 7, (not 5), fact about everyone’s bearded DJ… Jon Hemming.

I’m mildly ambidextrous, I once won a welly wanging competition at a school fete because I can throw wellies equally as far with both arms. I won the firs prize of £5.

My wife hated the music I played so much she kicked me and all my DJ equipment out of the house, where I was forced to build a shed. This subsequently led me to take my craft and passion to the dizzy heights I find myself in now. Bonus fact: you can find Mrs H regularly at a rave front and centre giving it large, fist pumps and hands in the air at most of my gigs.

My favourite band is The Prodigy, I’ve been to see them many times. A note worthy memory would have to be the time I wore ‘guy liner’ and half naked body surfed across the filthy boggy mosh pit at the end of the night at the NIA in Birmingham. Gross but liberating.

I have an EP due for release coming out on UNTIDY. Two tracks I’ve been playing out a lot which have both received great reactions. Making music worthy of being released and getting amazing feedback is very rewarding, and addictive. Lots more new music in the pipeline coming soon.

It’s not a secret that I love a vast array of music styles, fast, slow, hard, chilled, funky, techy, deep, minimal, breakbeat. Anything goes in my style of DJing, “a tune is a TUNE”. Ultimately it’s all tied together with an untidy undertone of rave. I think this comes from my love of the prodigy.

I hate being drunk but enjoy a beer with friends. This usually ends up with inappropriate nakedness, often in front of the in-laws or the boss.

My uncle is OZZY Osbourne. It’s a cool claim to fame I guess. This might explain a few of my personality traits. I do like Black Sabbath and his music too. I probably use this fact way too often and my wife cringes at it every time. Usually followed by her or the person I’m talking to (at) with “cool story bro” I thought this would be a cool fact because it’s the 7th fact and the 7th day is known as the Sabbath… and did I mention I’ve done a mix on the 7th KEEP IT TIDY album. Available now on CD and USB.

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