Sharp Tools 7
Artist Interviews

The Sharp Tools Finale… or is it..?

George and Steven Sharp give us their insight into the tracks on the the last of the original Sharp Tools series vinyl records to be digitally released. As the saying goes… it ain’t over until the fat lady sings and we don’t hear no singing… WATCH THIS SPACE!!

‘Hula Hoops’ continues our love for munching in the studio of hooky filtered disco loops and catchy vocals, and is one of the more ‘fun’ tracks we did snatching a couple of seconds of an unknown classic disco track and playing around with obscure vocals. Gigs for us were full-on party at the time, and this was one for the crazy uplifting moments.  

‘It Matters’ As with all Sharp Tools tracks ‘It Matters’  is another track of what the Tools were all about – experimental production ideas totally for the floor, from the crazy to the uplifting, to the deeper to the full-on, and this track with its tech moments and blasts of aggressive disco strings combines them all. Although this officially was the last of the released Sharp Tools tracks, many more Sharp Tools tracks were recorded purely for or DJ sets which we may release one day.

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