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Miami House Party – Lazer Beams & Ice Creams (Untidy Trax)

This has been championed by Sam Townend well before it’s release with plays on Untidy Radio and now it finally gets to see the light of day and more importanty club exposure!

Miami House Party give us a delicious triple tracker of disco infused house music with a tough edge to it. This release just oozes funk and I love it.

Lazer Beams & Ice Creeams is the title track infused with more flavours than Mr Whippy could ever offer. It’s a track that’ll whip uou ice nicely, thanks to it’s sprinkling of tasty sounds. It’s nice and pacey and contains a mesmerizing disco loop over which the vocal sample rides.

M8 follows the same style with more cut up disco sounds than a 70’s CD compilation. It’s a very hypnotic track with the odd vocal stament making an appearance. There are some nice sounds in this, fusing nu and classic disco with tough beats.

ID3 is a vey underground sounding track and not as disco influenced as it;s other two brothers and sisters, or so you are lead to believe. There it creeping in when you throught there wasn’t one… a nice disco build. This has the lot, a phat disco bass, guitar licks, vocal stabs and that ultra funky sound of the 70’s giving the track its identidy.

This definitely takes off from where Discposable Disco Dubs left off and takes things up a gear!

The guys have come up with some delightfil offerings here and we look forward to hearing som more!

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