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TidyPro Scholarships

TidyPro have launched a scholarship programme which aims to develop talent for the future by giving recipients the opportunity to advance their skills where they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so otherwise.

The programme gives scholars access to a TidyPro Masterclass along with other resources which will allow then to develop their skills with a mentor and enable them to get a better foothold within the music industry.

Lee Haslam, General Manager of Tidy explains how the scholarships work, “If someone sends in a track or some ideas that we like and see some potential in then we are now looking at awarding the producer a free TidyPro scholarship so that they gain access to our bigger production courses and masterclasses and help them develop their musical career.”

The first two people to receive scholarships are Jon Hemming and Jodie Rose. Both have shown they have great talent when it comes to music, and the programme will allow them to hone their skills even further.

Jon has BK as his mentor. “Both Jodie and myself are on the BK hard house anthems 12 week TidyPro course. I’m on week three, learning the very basics of what makes a big track, big drum hooks and correct sound choice. This tuition has already improved my production ten-fold. I am getting from industry leaders BK and Lee Haslam with aficionado support from the Tidy Boys and Sam Townend. They are on hand all the time.”

“It’s still early days for me”, he adds, “But what I’m seeing on future line-ups is fresh, new talent playing at major hard house events and a lot of them have come through TidyPro.”

TidyPro was created to nature the next generation of recording artists supported by a panel of mentors and tutors and the Tidy brand which has more than 25 years of experience within the music industry. Students are able to do courses and masterclasses using a variety of DAW’s (digital audio workstations) such as Ableton and Logic as well as receive certain discounts on products from Sennheiser, Ableton and many more.

To sign up to a course visit www.tidypro.co.uk

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