Bulletproof Wanna Hear Ya
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Bulletproof – Wanna Hear Ya (Tidy)

It’s been decades since we last saw a Bulletproof release, (it literally has been!), but the wait is finally over with the release of his brand new track ‘Wanna Hear Ya’.

Classically trained Paul Chambers. who also produces as Flash Harry, is a complete wizard in the studio and there is pretty much no instrument he cannot play That magic is evident here as this track as he casts a spell on you.

Manic from the off, Chambers conjures up some enchanting sounds. Wanna Hear Ya is propelled by a lovely pounding kick drum and a nice synth stab. There’s a light sprinkling of acid over the top for good measure and a divine breakdown. This is very original sounding and not your usual hard house offering. The track is constantly busy, breathing only for that breakdown and ends as manically as it began.

This is a welcomed return for Chambers’ Bulletproof guise and hopefully we will hear more from him soon. I like this a lot and I can’t wait to hear this played out.


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