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R.I.P. Nathan Polasky

It is with great sadness that news has reached us regarding the passing of Nathan Polasky following his battle with stage IV liver cancer. It is news that has shocked clubbers and DJs within our scene.

Nathan was a vey loyal supporter of Tidy from all the way across the pond in Pflugerville, Texas. When lockdown hit and the Weekender was rescheduled, Nathan lifted our spirits high with his daily whiteboard countdowns which always posed a question. A veteran of the US Navy, he served his country as a structural engineer based in Virginia. He also had a passion for cars and bikes.

He made such an impact on our lives whether we had met him or not. None of us were to know that his last visit to the UK in July this year would be his last. The responses from members of the Keep It Tidy highlights the love and respect the hard house community had for this very special person.

Nathan’s sister Katie Dorow told us, “We found out after our trip to England that his cancer grew, and he didn’t want anyone to know once we found out to keep positive about it. I’m grateful he is no longer suffering, and happy he lived a great life. This outpouring of love is a little overwhelming but in a good way. Sending thanks from my family.”

Nathan and his sister Katie

He got the opportunity to visit Tidy HQ in Leeds a few weeks ago where he got to meet Amo, Sam and Leigh and enjoy time with them. It was the highlight of hi recent trip and in reality, he probably knew then that it would be his last visit to the UK. He also took the opportunity to meet some of the friends he had met previously and in recent times online as he made his way from London to the north of England stopping off at intervals along the way.

Nathan meetsSam, Amo and Leigh

Tidy’s Brad Holmes tells us about how the whiteboard countdown came about. “Nathan and me met a few years ago at Creamfields and ever since then he has been an absolute gentleman. The thing he is most famous for is the countdown. This was actually at my request. He did the first one and joked about me wanting to see it everyday and it started daily with a sheet of A4 paper.”

“Every message I got from him was nothing buy respect for Tidy. I know how much he loved the countdown. I believe it gave him the focus and to some extent a purpose. He will also be a part of Tidy. For me it’s people like Nathan that make the hard work and long nights worth it.”

Nathan and his mum

In a fitting tribute, Nathan’s mother very perfectly sums up her son in these words on her Facebook page, “You grew into an amazing man. Loved by everyone that met you. You brought so much joy to so many people, especially me. I am so grateful I got to be your Mom. Keep dancing my baby boy, keep dancing…. you will forever be in my heart.”

Nathan, we will never forget you and your courage. Fly high you true legend!

Image courtesy of Chad Merritt

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5 thoughts on “R.I.P. Nathan Polasky

  1. Andy Roden says:

    Lovely tribute to a truly lovely man.
    My time with him may have been brief but his positive energy will be with me for very long time.

  2. Jamie (mismatchedbeatz) says:

    Thank you Tidy for a stunning tribute to our friend Nathan. We all have our specific memories of him. But without doubt he was the most positive caring human I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. He loved Tidy the music but most of all the people (community) . It’s so sad it seems the good ones always go first. RIP Nate x

  3. Alison says:

    Beautiful tribute to a special man. 💙

  4. Sacky says:

    Nathan never got to meet ya always loved ur question of the day you’ll be looked after in heaven by my bother told him to

  5. Sian w says:

    Lovely Tribute to an amazing person rip Nathan

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