The Tidy 25 ‘Hard Drive’ Deluxe

Tidy 25 'Hard Drive' Deluxe Registration Form

Register your interest in purchasing the all new Tidy 25 'Hard Drive' deluxe. Due to high demand since the original 'Hard Drive' release, we proudly present the deluxe version of the Tidy collection which will be even more completest with EVERY tidy album and all the LATEST SINGLE RELEASE from the last 5 years. This also includes the Weekender lost tape mixes, previous exclusive event rare promo mixes and the Tidy Sample Packs 1 & 2. There is OVER 100GB more music and all for the price of £369. (One full wav version only, limited to 125 drives). The Hard Drives will be on sale to all registrants on Thursday 26th August and will be delivered by 26th September 2021.

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  1. I bought the original HDD, i have registered my interest but i’m after the USB with the addional content, is that a seperate link or done through the above?

  2. Is all the original raleses and samples from the first hard drive going to be on this one

  3. Is this similar to the previous hard drive i.e. every Tidy Trax release on it including B-sides etc.?

  4. I have registered but I bought the original drive so I am interested in the USB extra but also my stickers have flaked off the hard drive, is there a way to get a new sticker for it?