8 thoughts on “The Tidy 25 ‘Hard Drive’ Deluxe

  1. Mr Darren Taylor says:

    I bought the original HDD, i have registered my interest but i’m after the USB with the addional content, is that a seperate link or done through the above?

    1. TidySam says:

      Hi, the USB link will be available next Thursday.

  2. Miller says:

    Missed out on the first one due to no funds but not missin out on this

  3. Stefan Smith says:

    Is all the original raleses and samples from the first hard drive going to be on this one

    1. TidySam says:

      Yes Stefan. That is correct!

  4. Andrew Phillips says:

    Is this similar to the previous hard drive i.e. every Tidy Trax release on it including B-sides etc.?

    1. TidySam says:

      Yes mate, but with all the new content + some exclusives.

  5. wayne says:

    I have registered but I bought the original drive so I am interested in the USB extra but also my stickers have flaked off the hard drive, is there a way to get a new sticker for it?

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