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The voice of hard house

Hayley Colleen has had her vocals imortalised within productions by Leigh Green and NG Rezonance & PHD on recent Tidy releases. We caught uo with her for a quick chat,..

When did you discover that you had a talent to sing?

I come from a large family and we are all pretty musical and vocal. I actually used to sing for my mates in the playground when I was 10. That’s when I noticed that I didn’t sound terrible, as people stopped and didn’t run away holding their ears haha!

You’ve worked with Leigh Green and NG Rezonance. How did that come about?

Well I actually met Leigh Green when I was working on some personal, fresh material with Dave (Jackson – Digital Mafia) and we got on straight away so I booked some studio time with him and we discovered that we work together really well. And so Colleen&Green was born haha! With PHD & NG Rezonance, I was actually approached by Amadeus Whilst in the studio with Dave again! He mentioned he had a track that was amazing but needed a vocal written. Although I am no longer a session vocalist I agreed to take a look. It took three days including recording for me to compose the Lyrics for Worlds Collide. It was such a fun day recording it with Amo and Leigh. They then sent it to the guys and the rest as they say is history!

What have you been working on lately?

So currently I have about three tracks on the go with Digital Mafia and have just started another with Leigh Green.

Who would you like to work with?

Throughout my career as a vocalist I have been lucky to work with some pretty big names. I am currently in talks with quite a few more. There are so many amazing talents out there but a similar vibe and energy to me are more important that big names. It’s all about the vibes.

The dream team of Hayley Colleen and Leigh Green

How much input do you have into the tracks you sing on, is it a case of you only provide the vocals or do you also co-produce the tracks?

So right now I have a lot of creative control over my material and am looking to start learning how to engineer myself very shortly as it always fascinated me. I’d love to be able to get riffs and beats at 2am when I am most creative. I occasionally will take a booking for a session vocal where someone will approach me with a track and I will listen and write a vocal. For years I just provided my voice to anyone and everyone and to be honest it made me lose my love for it for a while. So it’s collaborations only for the time being.

What style of music do you prefer to peform over?

I am a very big fan of music in general and have sung over most styles. I’m a big fan of emotive music. The sky is the limit as long as I feel the vibe of the track

We’re just coming out of the pandemic, id you learn any new talents during it?

I would love to be one of those productive people and answer yes … however I just focused on talents I already have. I am an avid baker. I also love writing poetry and lyrics so spend quite a bit of time doing that, and like everyone – I also completed Netflix).

You were also one of the lucky 25 in the TW25 DJ competition, do think being able to DJ helps with what you do as a vocalist?

Honestly – I am still pinching myself that I am DJing at a weekender in the Queen Vic… madness! I am very lucky to be given the chance! I’m very much excited and terrified hah! In regards to DJing helping me as a vocalist … that’s a tough one. I guess it helped me learn the structure for when I’m doing live performances. I guess everything can make you become a better version of yourself if you let it!

Which of the two do you focus on the most and why?

I am focusing on myself as an artist in general. This is an all round kind of deal – songwriting, production, vocals , performing and DJing I’m not really a big fan of limits – more of goals to achieve. Engineering is my next goal

Where would you like to be with your singing?

I would love to perform internationally, I love live performances when I can see and connect with people as I perform… it’s special.

Download & Stream this release here: https://tidytrax.fanlink.to/WorldsCol…

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