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Making it in the music industry with TidyPro

TidyPro is just over a year old and it has already created career paths for the likes of Paul Clark and Andy Naylor to name a few, who as graduates of TidyPro, are now becoming recognised within the scene for their music production. Lee Haslam talks to us about the the next chapter of TidyPro masterclasses to join the existing production ones. Lee has over 25 years experience within the music industry and has worked in virtually all sectors of the industry, not only as a DJ and producer but also in A&R, label management and artist management to name a few, with iconic brands such as Tidy, Slinky, Gatecrasher and his own label Digital Remedy.

This is the first TidyPro course that doesn’t really focus on music as such. How important is this masterclass in comparison to the others?

I think it’s really important because we don’t just want the platform to be about production. There is so much that people can learn about the industry and this and the “How To Start A Record Label” courses are the start of that. We need to give up and coming producers the knowledge of how to have a successful career and how the industry works.

If someone doesn’t make music is the course still relevant for them? 

Yes 100%, it covers all aspects of being an artist, however, also being a producer is a big advantage in todays music industry.

What will you be covering in the masterclass? 

In this two hour webinar I will be talking you through the fundamentals of Artist Management and how to protect yourself as an artist in the music industry. I will go through everything from how to create your brand, the A & R process, How to approach labels with your music, how to develop an artist strategy and stick to it, how to work collaboratively with other producers and writers and how this benefits you as an artist, how to get an agent and a manager, what to look out for in music contracts including what are the things to spot and avoid, What is PRS, PPL & music publishing and how does it benefit you and lots more. If you are wanting to take your music seriously but feel you don’t know a lot about the industry then this is the course for you.

So this masterclass could actually help with how people promote themselves as a DJ and not necessarily as a producer, for example, and what they should consider when doing so such as contracting etc? 

Yes because we will talk about things like branding, how to promote yourself, how to get bookings etc as well.

What further support is offered following masterclasses? 

We have our connect service which is open to anyone who wants to book additional time with our mentors. This gives the opportunity to get face to face advise on whatever they need to know 

Click on the image above to book this TidyPro Masterlass with Lee Haslam on Monday 13th December, For more information on TidyPro and to see how it can benefit your journey within the music industry visit TidyPro.

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