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No sleep for Clarky…

Paul Clark is one of the success stories to emerge from TidyPro. It has been constant graft for him, alongside running his own consultancy business. but making and releasing music is now a reality for him. It is no longer a dream…

You’ve had a bit of a roller coaster ride since you graduated from TidyPro. What’s been happening?

It’s been a mad one, but I’m so very humbled and grateful. I’ve always had the hunger and drive with music to be successful whether DJ’ing and now producing, but its never a chore, I love what I do and its such a blessing that I get to put my time into my passion and the things that give me so much joy. Since TidyPro I have produced over 15 tracks that have been signed and sealed to leading labels, my personal brand has grown, my following has expanded and I’ve been given countless opportunities to perform at major events across the UK. It’s been very, very exciting.

Tell us about Lullaby, how did that come about? The vocals come from Ella Mariachi, how did you team up?

It’s a really special track to me, if not the most important one to this day, as the track was produced with my kids in mind. Me and my wife had just given birth to our third child, my baby girl Marnie, and I had the idea for how this melody could include beautiful keys and notes just like a Lullaby.  I wanted a track that was for them but in my style of big, beautiful and uplifting hard trance. The track came together beautifully and needed an amazing vocal to finish it off. I had worked with Elle on other material, we work so well together, we share the same passion and have a real connection. I told her what I think would work and the story around the track and she cam up with the most beautiful lyrics and her voice is to die for.  Elle is a very special person and the most talented artist, this track would have only suited her and her alone, and she smashed it.

Do you feel you have found your sound now?

100%. There is hard trance, but there isn’t big and beautiful hard trance. I wanted harder edged music but with beautiful sounds and melodies. I’m always trying to push the curve of music and come up with new sounds and styles that can move the genre forward. If we don’t move forward we stay the same and that’s not progressive in the world we live in. So right now ive been deep in studio working on sounds of hardstyle, euro hard trance and techno and trying to merge it into big and beautiful trance and I’m excited by what I’m hearing so far!!!

 What advice would you give to anyone looking at wanting to get into making music?

Ask for help! Invest in education, work hard, and don’t quit. Take your time, its not a race. Music production is an art and you have all the time in the world to create your masterpieces. Be creative and think big but also be different.

What can we expect to hear from you in the future?

Like I say im working some really fusion based music. I miss the Scott project, Yoji Euro Hard Trance sound, I think it needs a comeback! BUT it will also need refreshing to make it current and as an artist I want it o be unique to me. So, lots of reverse bass, cutting edge unique synth sounds, techno style drums and of course Paul Clark big melodies is what I’m focused on at the moment. Music with tons of energy! I’ve got some exciting projects coming up with John Askew and Jan Johnston hopefully by end of the year and early next, so watch out for that

Finally, now we are out of Lockdown, how is the DJing going?

It’s been crazy busy… I played Love Tidy Bournemouth, headlined Shed On The Drop, had the pleasure to play Colour Clash Festival and upcoming I have Inside Out Festival, Harder! Just recently I’ve played Ben Nicky’s Misfits Boat Party on the Thames.  I’m really loving being able to play live as I love performing and it’s my vocation. I’m looking forward to more opportunities in the future, but I’m very humbled and grounded and staying focused on living each day and moment at a time and just being me, that’s when I’m at my best

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