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Gaz West Joins TidyPro!

Dark By Design producer Gaz West has joined the TidyPro roster of tutors to help students make music the way artists do.

His first release was a white label in 2002 on Rated Records called Whacked / Global Operations. This set the scene for the next twenty years as Gaz released both solo projects and collaborations with Anne Savage, Alex Kidd, Rob Tissera and Sol Ray to name a few. Gaz’s productions always had a hard edge to them no matter what he made and he was one of the UK’s pioneering hardstyle producers alongside producing all styles of hard house.

His productions have featured on Tidy, Nukleuz, Nuklearpuppy, Goodgreef Recordings, Trabnzlation and of course his very own DarkByDesign imprint.

So what exactly can you expect from the course which begins on Monday 7th June? Gaz explains, “People can expect to learn some of the techniques I use to get my signature sound and also some of the methods I have developed over the years to make workflow a little easier and less stressful.”

“I feel very fortunate to be in the position to pass down some of the knowledge I have obtained… it helps us all really because all it means is that we have more great original music!”

Students will learn drum programming and side chaining control, bassline and low end techniques, You will also get the opportunity to ask Gaz questions during the 2 hour webinar and it will be hosted by someone he has worked with on several productions, Anne Savage

The one bit of valuable advice Gaz offers anyone wanting to get into music production is, “Be prepared to never stop learning… but most importantly, produce music for YOU!”

So Gaz, how does it feel to be part of the TidyPro team? “It feels great, I feel super fortunate to be approached by arguably the greatest hard dance label of all times, to work with them on something like this.”

Gaz’s Layering and Composition Masterclass will begin at 7pm. You can buy the course HERE.

TidyPro celebrates it’s first birthday this month and you can bag yourself a 10% discount on courses by simply completing the survey HERE!

Other courses over the coming months are;

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Thr TidyPro studios are now available for hire 7 days a week and you can book a date by CLICKING HERE

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