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5 facts about… Andy Naylor

He’s knocking out tracks faster than his own workouts at the moment. We reveal five facts about TidyPro graduate Andy Naylor…

In my teenage years I used to be a match fisherman and was pretty tidy at it too. I recall catching a 22lb Pike that honestly looked pretty pissed off that I’d ruined his day haha…

I am dad to two dogs. A Westie cross Bichon Frise called Daisy and a long haired chihuahua called Barney, They are my 2pm nap partners.

At School basketball was MY GAME, I was captain of the 3rd years, and also played for all the years above. Sadly, I stopped growing at 5 foot 10 to never persude it..

I used to own a hairdressing business with my wife Joe. We had two premises and up to 24 team member at our hight. But NO, I can’t cut hair haha although I did do a blow dry once to teach our team to do things out of their comfort zone.

My handwriting is illegible hahaha (Mine too – JD!)

Download & Stream Andy’s latest release Coming Up Hot here:

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