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TidyPro Student Sinks His Teeth Into Gaz West Course

Jay Gaston signed up for his first TidyPro course this week and was so blown away by the webinar that he let us know. We would like to hare his comments with you…

“The webinar started with a view of the mighty Anne Savage who introduced Gaz West, (who was having some technical difficulties), Anne rang Lee Haslam who guided the two enough for the course to commence but without the view of GWs face.

The screen was dominated by a view of Gaz’s screen which had Ableton loaded and ready to go. As a, (very new), FL studio user I was initially concerned the skills being demonstrated wouldn’t be transferable to me…. I was thankfully wrong.

Gaz proceeded to explain how he goes about creating a track from scratch, the techniques and effects he has used from day one and some stuff he has picked up and tweaked over his many years of production. It wasn’t long before we all started to hear that familiar “Dark by Design” signature sound as he laid down the kicks, bass and some percussion. It was at this point I had a huge grin on my face. Not only was I getting a fly on the wall peak into Gaz in his natural habit, (as they say on the BBC nature documentaries), I was also  picking up skills and techniques to make my own productions sound fuller harder and generally better.

Gaz continues to knock up what has described as a “daft little melody” which I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought it sounded pretty fucking good. He then demonstrated some more techniques of how to make these sound better and but also how to add variation and how to give the all important impact for the drop.

After almost 90 minutes and a couple of quick fire questions from the course via our host and members I was left feeling like I had just seen a blockbuster movie in the cinema, I felt like a child again, (I’m 46 by the way), I bounced into the living room with a huge grin on my face. What I had just watched to me personally was priceless, absolutely magic and I cannot wait to put these skills into practice and start to create my own music of a similar, (but not too similar), nature.

Gaz has a second course focusing more on melody creation and his signature breakdown and I for one will be sat in my kitchen again like a child on Christmas morning in front of my laptop.

Thank you for this amazing platform at TidyPro. As someone brand new to music production getting to ask questions to someone who’s music I have danced to, stomped to, purchased on vinyl, CD and download and played out when I was a DJ myself and even as recently as last year when I recorded a few mixes for myself in the gym was incredible. I didn’t know if this course would be beneficial to me because I’m so early into music production but I gained a LOT and can’t wait for the next one.”

If you feel as inspired as Jay, for more information on TidyPro and the various courses and masterclasses that are available click here

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