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It’s still sex, drugs, rock & roll…

Untidy’s latest scorcher comes from Ali Wilson, someone who is no stranger to our scene and it making his yet again…

Ali, it’s been a while since we last heard from you, what have you been up to?

Johnny, it has indeed!  I’ve been writing all sorts… especially with Covid going on!  But mainly concentrating on a project you’ll find out about very soon!

Your latest release comes hot on the heels of the Committee remix you made for Untidy UX with Matt Smallwood. How long have you been producing this kind of music as it differs from what you have made previously?

Thanx yea always love making stuff with Matt!  I’ve always loved to do different style and incorporate different genres… this time with a Rock element!  I love listening to different styles and get influence from the cheesiest of tracks to the dark and savage, I just try and put that Wilson edge on it!

Will you be producing more music like this?

Who know’s… I can’t tell you what I’m going write next week… I just let the creative juices flow and what will be will be!

You have produced over 400 tracks… how do you manage to stay fresh and creative?

Being in contact with people like minded is a big positive, talking and inspiring is huge thing for me!  Also listening to random stuff either people play me or radio… Annie Mac always plays really good new stuff from all over the gaff!

There has been phenomenal support over the years from the likes of Ferry Corsten, Carl Cox, Carl Craig, Armin Van Buuren and many other top flight DJs. You must be doing something right..?

Thanx, yea I like to do stuff thats crosses over, bit of trance bit of tech bit of house… I think that’s the key for me!  I like to dip in and out of bpm, strings, pads one day and just driving beats another… I just follow my soul!

You have played some pretty amazing parties over the years… there must be one that stands out above the others?

There’s a few but playing at the Zurich Street parade was madness… people as far as you can see!  Also playing in Finland on May day. I played in an old ship yard, because of how far north they are they don’t have darkness in Summer, I played around 2am and they opened the roof which was originally used to crane the ships out after being built, and it looked like it was still daytime, twisted my head up… or maybe that was the Finish Vodka hahaha!

How do you feel you have evolved musically over the years?

Since when I started getting into music, I’ve become a lot more open minded, when I first started I was just into one type of thing… now I can appreciate everything for what it is and take inspiration from it whether it be Gabba Folk or Chilled out Hobit orchestra!

What comes next for Ali Wilson?

Wait and see…

Is it still Sex, Drugs Rock & Roll..?

Haha at the moment it’s more like decks, rugs and sausage rolls!!!

Thanks to you and the Tidy massive!!!

Download & Stream this release here:…

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