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Tidy Treasures – CLK (Paul Clark)

Cue the moment I would fall head over heels in love with Hard Trance. Deep in the rave, front and centre at Tidy Weekender surrounded by my best mates. The pumping sound system and Anne Savage steps up to the decks as part of the Tidy Girls, Savage, Pinup, Auburn and Lashes first ever back 2 back sets.

Me and my pals used to always play the game of guessing the track coming in across the first 32 bars, and nodding progressively at each other for confirmation that we knew what track was being mixed in next! The delight on our faces when we got it right from time to time! But not this time, something new and fresh as Anne opened her set with a filthy dirty bassline banger that we had never heard before, hard trance, hard dance and hard house combined.

The chills, and goose bumps overloaded and gently stroked in by one of the most epic portamento saw riffs and melodies I think I have ever heard on a Hard Trance track to date. It is probably one of the most forward thinking genre tracks to date, that, in my opinion, shaped the movement of Tidy as the leader of Hard Dance for the future.

I rushed around the dance floor like a looney, asking clubbers who may have the answers to my all important questions? Who did this track? Is it out yet? Finally, to the man dressed head to toe in cyber, with a face like a grieving cod and sweating like a glass blowers arse… I thank you… I had confirmation.

My Tidy Treasure is Anne Savage ‘Four Leaf Clover’

Download & Stream this release here:

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