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The all new Untidy Radio show

This brand new weekly radio show from showcases the sounds of the world famous Untidy label. Hosted by Sam Townend, expect cutting edge music and classic cuts from across dance music encapsulating tough house through to banging Techno and classic Hard House sounds.  

I have always loved Untidy and recently i’ve rekindled my love for the sounds of House that’s Hard” says Sam Townend. “There’s a massive amount of music about that ticks the box in terms of harder edge sounds; it’s just a lot of people have so much preconception about ‘genres’ that they often miss so much great music due to it all getting so pigeon hold. I wanted a platform to share it with everyone and try and (hopefully) open up the boundaries of what people see as ‘hard house’ in 2020 with good, credible and quality banging music

Available on Apple Podcasts, YouTube and Mixcloud, you can listen to the first two episodes of the new show on the links below. Don’t forget to hit subscribe on iTunes!



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3 thoughts on “The all new Untidy Radio show

  1. TidyBrad says:

    Love this

  2. Pixie says:

    This is AMAZING 🙂

  3. thebigG says:

    This is brilliant, perfect for my run!

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